Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, families and friends diligently stayed apart to save lives but sadly for many this was a very hard time.  We all missed being part of our normal communities and the need for human connection increased. We needed to do something to help. 

It was just a small thing, a weekly general knowledge quiz, hosted online for anyone to take part in.  It needed to be fun and relaxed.  What we didn't know is just how much support we'd end up receiving.  Over 100 devices connected on the first evening and that quickly rose over the weeks to nearly 300 at its peak.  We were so grateful and we're delighted that you were coming together each week.  It was lovely to know that we were helping people handle this really tough period.
We decided that we could do more.  So we set up a small donation site to raise funds for the NHS and ultimately ended up raising over £2,500 for our local hospital trust.

As the evenings became long and the lockdown eased we decided, after 15 weeks, that it was time to take a short break.  Such was the popularity of the weekly quiz though that now, due to popular demand, WE'RE BACK!
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